Microsoft Word Mail Merge

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Microsoft Word Mail Merge

Print marketing still has its value, and so does Mail Merge. Mail merge is a process where you extract specified data (names and addresses) from a source (usually a spreadsheet) for use to automatically populate fields on a mailing label or in a letter.

You can write a single letter, and then complete the Mail Merge process to personalize that letter for several hundred or more people.

Open your spreadsheet and make a note of the names of the columns/fields that you need to use in your letter (i.e., name, address, city, state, and zip code) :

Complete the following steps in Microsoft Office 2007:

1. Open MS Word and create your letter
2. Click on “Mailings”
3. Click on “”Start Mail Merge”
4. Select “Letter”
5. Select “Use Existing List” to select an existing spreadsheet as your data source
6. Specify the filename of your spreadsheet ()
7. Select “Inset Merge Fields”
8. Select and insert the field names of the fields you need in your letter where you want the data to appear
9. Click on “Finish & Merge” to complete the process

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