Quick Tip: A Good Reason to Buy a Workgroup Printer for Personal Use

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A workgroup printer is a printer with an integrated network adapter that is designed for use by multiple users.

Aside from the fact that workgroup printers have more impressive specifications like more pages per minute, higher monthly duty cycle (~70,000 pages), and higher print quality (resolution), workgroup printers offer trouble-free printing for considerably longer than personal printers. This means that costly consumables like the fuser and transfer kit may never need to be replaced during the life of the printer. Note that I have had my HP LaserJet 2420 workgroup printer for 10 years, and never needed to replace the fuser or transfer kit. These two parts alone, can take the price of a $500 printer to $1,000 in a few years. Remember, downtime, troubleshooting and part replacement costs are also factors in calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a given product..

In short, the components (including consumables) in workgroup printers last longer. Pay close attention to the monthly duty cycle specification, which is substantially different for personal and workgroup printers. Again, if you purchase a printer with a higher monthly duty cycle for an individual, you probably will never have to replace pricey consumables like the fuser and transfer kit. The conclusion is that workgroup printers for personal use cost less in the long run.

NOTE: Do not confuse workgroup and enterprise printers. Enterprise printers are in the highest of the three tiers – personal, workgroup, and enterprise.

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