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How-To: Resolve an IP Address Conflict

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Think of an IP (or Internet Protocol) address as a computer’s ID number. An IP address conflict occurs when two computers on your network share the same IP address.

An IP address conflict on your wireless network, among other issues, can cause the connected computers to intermittently lose connection to the Internet.

Follow these steps to resolve this common issue:

1. Exit to the command prompt by holding the Windows (logo) key and pressing the R key
2. Now type cmd and press the enter key
3. At the command prompt, type ipconfig/release and press enter
4. Now type ipconfig/renew and press enter

Repeat these steps for all computers on your network.

Note: Type ipconfig/all to display your current IP address.

Lastly, you should reserve all static (manually assigned) IP addresses.

Use the following instructions to reserve IP addresses on the NETGEAR N600 (model WNDR3400):

1. Go to, and then enter your username and password when prompted
2. Go to LAN Setup
3. Click on Add
4. Select the device from the Address Reservation Table, or manual enter the IP address and a name for the device
5. Click on Apply

If the problem persists after releasing and renewing IP addresses, try the following:

Remember to record or backup the current router settings before you start the upgrade process.

Download the latest firmware for your router from the manufacturer’s website, and then access your router to upload and install the firmware.

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