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How-To: Reserve Manually Assigned (Static) IP Addresses

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A manually assigned IP (or Internet Protocol) address is called a static IP address. IP addresses are typically assigned dynamically by your router’s DHCP server. When you manually assign an IP address to a device, you must tell your DHCP server to skip that manually assigned IP address when automatically assigning other IP addresses. Failure to reserve static IP addresses can result in IP conflicts on your network. Click here or more information.

Use the following instructions to reserve IP addresses on the NETGEAR N600 (model WNDR3400):

1. Go to to access your router, and then enter your username and password when prompted

2. Go to LAN Setup

3. Click on Add

4. Select the device from the Address Reservation Table, or manually enter the IP address and a name for the device

5. Click on Apply

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