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How-To: Resolve Old Printing Issues by Upgrading Firmware

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You can resolve the following and other issues by upgrading your printer’s firmware:

Note that firmware is nothing more than software on a chip (integrated circuit).

1. Color issues after replacing your old toner cartridge(s)
a. After replacing cyan, shades of green look different
b. Colors no longer look the same
2. Postscript print jobs print slowly or causes device to hang
3. PDF printing issues
4. Toner levels not reporting correctly
5. PCL-XL errors
6. Media settings lost after power cycle

The best part is that HP’s firmware upgrades are free. You can upgrade your firmware by simply downloading the software, press one button to send the software to you USB or network connected printer.

As an example, you can upgrade your HP Color LaserJet CP3505 printer by clicking here.

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