How-To: Manage Your E-Mails and Other Business Information

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Microsoft Outlook is the world’s most popular personal information manager (PIM) application. It is used in most corporate environments to manage e-mails, contacts, and calendar entries (appointment).

Third-party add-on software makes it possible to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with PIM devices like your iPhone, especially for mobile appointment reminders.

Outlook makes it possible to attach reminders to messages that require follow-up, to sort messages by sender, to automatically color code messages on receipt, to automatically sort messages in folders (using “Rules and Alerts”), and much more.

You can easily configure Outlook to manage one or multiple e-mail accounts (addresses). You only need the following information:

1. Your e-mail address and password
2. Account type (usually POP or IMAP – note that POP3 is the preferred type*)
3. Incoming e-mail server (e.g.,
4. Outgoing e-mail server

*POP3 does not require a connection to the Internet after it retrieves and stores your messages on your computer. You also have the option to leave a copy of your downloaded messages on your e-mail server if you use multiple devices to retrieve mail. If you have a storage quota, you have the option to automatically delete messages after retrieval.

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